Impact on individual practitioners

At the end of the event we held in April 2012 the attendees were asked to complete a short evaluation form and the results are available here.

Furthermore, between February and May 2013 nursing and midwifery consultants in the UK were invited to complete an online survey to capture feedback on the toolkit. 41 responses were received, which are summarised in the following report. The ways in which the toolkit had been used included:

Other examples of impact on individuals include the following:

"I have been offered the rehabilitation consultant post. I used the framework in the toolkit as the framework for my presentation, which went down very well (all referenced to yourselves). They seemed particularly pleased with the range of stakeholders and variety of potential impacts"

"I would like to use (the toolkit) to evaluate my own role because my employer is reviewing the roles of all non ward based nurses and I need all the evidence I can to prepare for the review"