2017 themes

The conference will host a series of different events that will provide an active forum to explore how the disciplines of design and health might intersect to bring forth new ways of thinking and working in what is a dynamic, innovative and increasingly important area of research and practice. The central question is: How can we work together to achieve positive and sustainable impact on the social, economic and cultural factors within our communities and beyond.

This year’s theme and sub themes are:

Technology and health

– Devices, wearables and assistive technologies

– Smart materials

– Transhumanism, 3D printing and the person-technology interface

– High tech v. low tech solutions for health and well-being: traditional/indigenous practices, knowledge, experience

– Tele-health

– Screening and assessment

 Future self and Ageing

– Health across the lifespan

– Dementia, cognition and mental health

– Ethics

– Designing for death and palliative care

– Designing for birth

– Person-centred care

Environment and Health

– Evidence-based design: from cities to devices, from systems to services

– Designing for well-being

– Eco-health and biophillia

– Salutogenics

– Population/public health/humanitarian habitat

– Chronic disease: management and prevention

– Injury: management and prevention

Innovations in practice, processes and systems

– Big data and meta-data

– Sports, exercise science and health

– Health promotion, education and literacy

– Information management

– Integrated care

We also welcome papers focussed on Methods or Education and Training that cross-link into one or more of the themes listed above.

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