2013 Conference Proceedings

Proceedings 2013

  We are pleased to announce the online publication of:

  Proceedings of the Second European Conference on
  Design 4 Health 2013, 3 – 5 July 2013, Sheffield UK
  Editors: Dr Alaster Yoxall and Kirsty Christer

ISBN: 978-1-84387-373-0
Copyright © 2014 Sheffield Hallam University, Art & Design Research Centre, Sheffield, UK

These are published online only in three volumes – download them here:
Volume 1: Keynotes and Authors A – D
Volume 2: Authors F – R
Volume 3: Authors R – Z

Review Panel

We gratefully acknowledge the members of our Review Panel, who have generously given their time to review full papers submitted to this conference:
Norman Alm, University of Dundee
Helen Baxter, Tessellates Innovation Ltd
Noemi Bitterman, Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Simon Bowen, Newcastle University
Stella Bowess, Delft University of Technology
Paul Chamberlain, Sheffield Hallam University, Art & Design Research Centre
Evangelia Chrysikou, SynThesis Architects
Claire Craig, Sheffield Hallam University, Art & Design Research Centre
Helen Crank, Sheffield Hallam University, The Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine
Andy Dearden, Sheffield Hallam University, Cultural & Communication Research Centre
Hua Dong, Tongji University
Chris Fremantle, independent producer and researcher
Ian Gwilt, Sheffield Hallam University, Art and Design Research Centre
Jackie Hammerton, Sheffield Hallam University, Dept. of Allied Health Professions
Val Harpin, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Joan Healey, Sheffield Hallam University, Dept. of Allied Health Professions
Sabine Hendriks, Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
Liesbeth Huybrecht, LUCA School of Arts
Petra Klompenhouwer, Sheffield Hallam University, Dept. of Allied Health Professions
Christophe Kunze, Zentrum für Angewandte Forschung Ambient Assisted Living (ZAFH AAL); Furtwangen University (HFU)
Alastair Macdonald, The Glasgow School of Art
Lynne Maher, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement
Sue Mawson, University of Sheffield
Jane McKeown, University of Sheffield
Louise Moody, Coventry University
Gail Mountain, University of Sheffield
Dave Pao, University College London, Centre for Behavioural Medicine
Sarah Payne, University of Warwick
David Swann, Huddersfield University
Janet Ulman, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
Dan Wolstenholme, CLAHRC-SY
Alaster Yoxall, Sheffield Hallam University, Art & Design Research Centre
Emilene Zitkus-Andrade, Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge

Handbook and abstracts 2013

You can download here the D4H2013 Conference Handbook, which contains abstracts of all the papers presented, listed alphabetically and by author affiliation. You can also browse individual abstracts, listed alphabetically by first author, here:


Rémi Bec and Andy Dearden – Creating games that promote Physical Activity (PA)

Maria Berezecka, Isabell Fridh and Peter Fröst –  The Good ward: a support tool for better planning and decision making when healthcare facilities are being planned and built

Stella Boess, Marijke Melles, Armagan Albayrak, Matthijs Netten, Richard Goossens, Stephan Vehmeijer, Gerald Kraan, Jim Lancaster – Moving myself: insights for future patient experience journeys in orthopaedics

Peta Bush – Adorning Health


Alessia Cadamuro – Alzheimer’s – What remains?

Rebecca Cain, Sarah Payne, Jamie Mackrill, Salma Patel, Rachel Potter, Mahdad Sadeghi, Sussmek Pandharkame and Kieu Anh Vuong – Participation in healthcare environment engineering… the story so far

Matt Carré, James Clarke, Sarah Hargreaves, Emily Bolton and Peter Cudd – A user-centred design approach to electronic mobility devices for the visually impaired

Evangelia Chrysikou – The SCP model: A three dimensional methodology for understanding, profiling and evaluating mental healthcare architecture

Abdusselam Selami Cifter and Hua Dong – A Dual Verification Model for Designing Home Use Medical Devices

James Connolly, Joan Condell, Kevin Curran and Philip Gardiner – Towards better measurement of joint stiffness in people with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ian Coxon – Designing for ‘meaningful’ patient experience using Xperience-based designing (XbD): A new twist on a familiar approach


Elke Daemen, Roel Cuppen, Ingrid Flinsenberg, Evert van Loenen, and Roos Rajae-Joordens – Adaptive Daily Rhythm Atmospheres for Stroke Patients – A patient evaluation

Matt Dexter, Paul Atkinson and Andy Dearden – Open Design and Cystic Fibrosis: Enabling Participation in the Design Process

Amy Drahota, Julie Udell, Nicholas Latimer, Kevin Hallas, Simon Dixon, and Martin Severs – The HIP-HOP Flooring Study: Helping Injury Prevention in Hospitalised Older People

Lucy Dwyer, Louise Moody, Friederike Schlaghecken and Louise Wallace – Design of a safer Radiotherapy interface


Maggie Ellis, Liz Williams, Faustina Hwang, Matthew Norton, Tim Adlam, Sarah Harney-Levine, Dave Wright & Arlene Astell – Invention, Adoption and Diffusion: Older People as Pioneers

Jill Evans and Gillian Ward – A usability study for an innovative dementia aid: using co-creation to engage participants in the design process


Mark Fisher, Rebecca Partridge and Daniel Wolstenholme – Design Outreach: a design response to clinical needs and opportunities

Chris Fremantle, Alexander Hamilton and Jackie Sands – Dignified Spaces: deinstitutionalising spaces in the heart of the clinical environment


Víctor González-Sánchez, Jen Rowson, Alaster Yoxall – Motion capture analysis of dexterity tests

Petronella Grootens-Wiegers, Laura van Dijck and Jos van den Broek – Comic strips help children understand medical research: Tailoring the informed consent procedure to children’s needs


Kathleen Harder – Excising Wrong-Site Surgery with Human Factors Systems Design

Annette Haywood, Andrew Booth, Sarah Barnes, Tim Gomersall, Anna Cantrell, Mike Nolan, Andy Dearden and Stuart G Parker – Designing a patient centred environment for older people in acute care: recognising and reconciling tensions identified from a systematic review of the literature


Molla Tarequl Islam – A research project to explore how Participatory Research Methods can develop capacity with articulate individuals with autism to enable effective skills as co-researchers and skills as peer advocates for people with profound and multiple needs and autism


Anke Jakob and Lesley Collier – Multi-Sensory Environments (MSE) in dementia care: the role of design


Joseph Langley, Ian Gwilt, Claire Craig, Paul Chamberlain, Roger Bateman, Rebecca Partridge – Spinal Injury Design Rehabilitation Workshops

Jackie Leaver, Julie Turnbull, Liliana Rodriguez and Claire Craig – I’ve never told anyone that before: a story of Buckaroo and other tools of engagement

Isabella Loddo and Dario Martini – Developing lab equipment with healthcare researchers: a participatory design analysis

David Loudon, Alastair Macdonald, John McGhee, Fiona Wood, Colin Macduff, Charlie Hackett – An exploration of the perceptions of pathogens by hospital staff using visual methods

David Loudon, Anne Taylor and Alastair Macdonald – Evaluating the effectiveness of visualising patients’ motion data during stroke rehabilitation


Alastair S Macdonald – Design’s potential agency in changing roles and responsibilities in SCI rehabilitation

Jamie Mackrill, Rebecca Cain and Paul Jennings – A hospital ward soundscape: It’s about perception not level

Rita Maldonado Branco – How can communication design add value in the context of Alzheimer’s disease?

Louise Moody, Andy Turner, Jane Osmond, Joanna Kosmala-Anderson, Louise Hooker, Lynn Batehup – Opportunities and barriers to the design of a self-management resource for young cancer survivors

Tara Mullaney – Understanding Patient Experience through Interventional Acts


Nielsen and Sven D. Poulsen – When a patient goes home: Meaningful lessons in designing for the patient experience of Cervical Radiculopathy and Stroke paralysis

Rosica Pachilova and Kerstin Sailer – The Effect of Hospital Layout on Caregiver-Patient Communication Patterns

Sarah Payne, Jamie Mackrill, Rebecca Cain, Sam Boex, Will Boex, Jason Strelitz and Lucy Gate – How should a wellbeing centre look and feel?

Francesca Plantamura, Paola Albini, Pietro Lembi – Architecture and Psychiatric Disease – Rethinking places of care


Rachel Potter, Bart Sheehan, Rebecca Cain and Paul Jennings – Does the Physical Environment Predict Depressive Symptoms in Older People Living in Care Homes?

Rob Procter, Joe Wherton, Paul Sugarhood, Mark Rouncefield, Guy Dewsbury, Trish Greenhalgh – Tutorial: Co-production of assisted living technologies and services


Bas Raijmakers – How to create an internal innovation team using Service Design Thinking

Ramadan – Biophilic Design as a medium towards psychosocially-supportive design of the outpatient-clinics settings

Katharine Redhead and Hua Dong – Optimising pen gripping in children to reduce muscle strain

Margaret Rolla, Michael Dickinson and Dimity Pond – Drawing Memories: An empowering and enjoyable aged care activity promoting confidence, independence and engagement


Mahdad Sadeghi, Rebecca Cain and Paul Jennings – Interdependence between healthcare design and stakeholders: A designers’ view

Daniela Sangiorgi and Katy Mason – Making encounters work: How can Service Design support a more collaborative healthcare commissioning process?

Jessica Schoffelen, Liesbeth Huybrechts and Katrien Dreessen – Please resuscitate! How to share a project concerning self-management in diabetes to enable participants to elaborate on it after project completion?

Sarah Kate Smith and Gail Mountain – The potential of touch-screen computer technology in facilitating social and leisure activities for people living with dementia

Jane Souyave, Bev Lamey, Fiona Candy and Angie Jones – Can a multi-sensory product enhance quality of life for people living with dementia and be used as a tool in the evaluation of an individual’s needs?completion?

Catherine Stones – Affective information design for patients

Cristiano Storni – Ignorance as a feature: re-thinking the role of design in chronic self-care

Helena Sustar – About Us And Our Ideas: Young People (With Diabetes) Experiences Working With Designers

David Swann – Designing out curative syringe reuse: maximising global acceptance and impact by design


Gemma Teal, Nicola Hobbs, Ben Heaven, Claire Cleland, John Mathers, Falko Sniehotta, Martin White, Paula Moynihan – Co-designing evidence based health interventions for people in the retirement transition

Gemma Teal and Kevin Geddes – Energising and empowering communities to design positive health and care services

Martijn ten Bhömer and Oscar Tomico – Interactive prototypes as props in workshops to trigger the design of services for dementia rehabilitation

Alison Thomson, Carol Rivas, Tosh Denholm, Gavin Giovannoni – Multiple sclerosis (MS) Outpatient Future Groups: Designing tools of interaction in health service improvement activities

Matthew Tulley – Medical Devices: From the idea to a sterile product


Mara van Beusekom, Henk-Jan Guchelaar, Jos van den Broek – Undressed visuals for low-literate pharmacy visitors

Kieu Anh Vuong, Rebecca Cain and Paul Jennings – How do end-users perceive the designs of healthcare waiting environments?


Alexander Walker – Portable ‘gardening workstation’: Facilitating elderly gardening activities

Nadeeshani Wanigarathna, Andrew Price and Simon Austin – Evidence based design of single-bed patient rooms: Exploring the processes behind two successful stories

Gill Ward, Nikki Holliday, Darren Awang and David Harson – Using co-creation methods in service design innovation

P.J. White – Ethnography in Designing for Older People

Daniel Wolstenholme, Andy Dearden – The governance of design research in healthcare

Barbara S. K. Wong – Understanding the influence of user context in persuasive self-management systems for Diabetes control: the example of Chinese older adults


Alaster Yoxall, Alison Bell, Karen Walton, Nicola Westblade and Kate Morson – Warning: Packaging can damage your health. Exploring the usability of hospital food and beverage packaging


Christoph Zellweger – Corporeal Design and the fates of bodily fat after surgery – an artistic perspective

Xueqing Zhang, Matt Carré and Jennifer Rowson – Effect on Frequency Changing of Tactile Feedback on Touchscreen Devices

Xiaoshi Zhang, Martijn Vastenburg and Natalia Romero Herrera – Design of a caregiver collaboration tool using subtle group awareness

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