As a teacher it is possible to access a huge array of research online and to find out about literacy researchers and research teams who are working on a wide range of topics and using a variety of methods. In 2023 we are working with a group of teachers to develop ways of navigating and evaluating these sources of research and consider how best to use them to speak to literacy teaching and learning. We include a small sample of available resources below. 


These links take you to sites which present a range of literacy research and literacy research-related activities associated with multiple projects and/or multiple researchers. 

United Kingdom Literacy Association – Viewpoints 

These short documents provide a research-informed overview of a wide range of literacy topics with examples of classroom practice. They include: teachers as writers, talk for learning, spelling, multilingualism, drama, literacy and film, digital literacies, grammar, reading comprehension. 

The Open University Reading for Pleasure 

Contains a wealth of links to research and practice linked to reading for pleasure, including opportunities to join OU/UKLA Teachers Reading Groups. 

Education Endowment Foundation  

This link takes you to summaries of research related to literacy, drawing particualrly form large scale research including randomised controlled trials. 

Open Access

These openly available articles invite professional reflection and discussion. 

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Research Projects

These literacy-related research projects provide insights into aspects of literacy learning and inspiration for literacy education.  

Teachers as Writers 

Project exploring how developing a teacher-writer identity may enhance approaches to writing in the classroom. 

Grammar for writing pedagogy 

Research exploring the teaching of grammar in the context of writing along with, objectives, text examples and associated lesson plans 

Children’s Literature in Critical Contexts of Displacement 

Project exploring use of stories, picturebooks and arts-based practices to support communities in contexts of flux, 

DIALLS project 

This pan-European project explored ways of encouraging children to be tolerant, empathetic and inclusive through talking together  


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