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Different types of wheely binsWhat's in my stuff?

The envisaged fully fledged version of this project will seek to change the public attitude to high technology products by raising awareness of the environmental, human and economic impact of the elements used to manufacture them. It will seek to renew an emotional connection between people and 'not the latest version' high technology devices by getting people to find out for themselves 'what's in my stuff' and to find new ways of getting value from something that is no longer state of the art. The deconstructed devices (mobiles) will be reconstructed into desirable artwork and jewellery, giving new value and emotional context to them.

The 'seed corn' version of this project begins to explore how this can be achieved and will involve a one week field laboratory in the Atrium at Sheffield Hallam University at the beginning of October 2011 where we invite students and staff to deconstruct mobile phones and compare their findings to those of a phone that the Materials and Engineering Research Institute took apart and analysed previously. Engaging participants in a practical and multi-sensory activity which provides individuals with a greater sense of agency will play an important role in raising awareness.

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