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Awarded projects

Virtual landscapeSecond lives for the third age

  • Dr Ben Heller (Centre for Sports Engineering Research; lead applicant)
  • Professor Breda Beban (Art and Design Research Centre)
  • Katarzyna Machaczek (Centre for Health and Social Care Research)
  • Kerry McSeveny (Communication and Computing Research Centre)
  • Dr Alaster Yoxall (Art and Design Research Centre)

The purpose of the study is to improve the health and wellbeing (the quality of life) of older adults, in particular those suffering from isolating physical disabilities such as poor balance, by allowing them to participate in engaging, bespoke and creative physical activities in a virtual world.

We believe the system will help stimulate memories and thus support cognitive function, increase the elderly participant's ability to perform daily physical activities and look after themselves, improve CVD risk profile and increase enjoyment and satisfaction.

Read more about this project in Parliamentary Report on Assistive Technology

Big Ideas for the Future Report pg87

To view the project on You Tube click here.

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