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Awarded projects

Cartoon figure on crutchesPhysioFun

Maria Burton (Centre for Health and Social Care Research; Lead applicant)
Dr. Ben Heller (Centre for Sports Engineering Research)
Dr. Amir Naghsh (Materials Engineering Research Institute)
Susannah Gent (Art and Design Research Centre)

Exercises and advice are an integral part of physiotherapy practice.

To maximise the effect of physiotherapy intervention, patients are commonly given exercise programmes to undertake at home. The increasing emphasis on self-management of health conditions requires the patient to adhere to the exercise programme prescribed. Some attempt has been made to make the written exercise sheets more appealing to children but generally they consist of outline diagrams of the exercises along-side an explanation and the number of repetitions required.

The aim of this project is to investigate the potential for technology to support and encourage the compliance of children with home-based physiotherapy exercises.

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