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Awarded projects

People rowing a dragon boat on a riverPaddling the Dragon

Helen Crank (Centre for Sports & Exercise Science; Lead applicant)
Angela Tod (Centre for Health and Social Care Research)
Virginia Heath (Art and Design Research Centre)
Michele Lazenby (Art and Design Research Centre)]
Heath Reed (Art and Design Research Centre)
Simon Choppin (Centre for Sports Engineering Research)

The benefits of regular physical activity for the general population and cancer survivors (breast) are well documented. However the numbers of individuals participating in physical activity at a level to improve health are low. Current physical activity/health promotion recommendations suggest that future initiatives should be embedded and facilitated within the community.

Via a Sheffield Hallam University multidisciplinary team and in partnership with a third sector (voluntary) organisation (Paddlers For Life), it is our aim to test the feasibility of developing an interactive exhibit designed to promote physical activity.

Insight Summer 2011

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