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Objectives of the Engineering for Life network

  • to create a sustainable multi-disciplinary network within Sheffield Hallam University to identify pioneering ways to enhance people's lives. The network will be based around researchers in five research centres each with well established research track records.

  • to use a range of innovative methods to overcome the barriers to interdisciplinary working and by the use of reflective practice establish the most effective methods of forming multi-disciplinary teams

  • to use externally facilitated Ideas Generator events to identify and develop a number of multi-disciplinary projects and associated teams. These events will include input from all the relevant stakeholders, including the end users

The multi-disciplinary projects will lie within one of the following general themes

    • rehabilitation and assisted living
    • sport, physical activity and medicine
    • sustainability

  • to support the multi-disciplinary teams through seed corn funding and hence facilitate their application to external agencies for full funding

  • to develop the use of 'field laboratories' as a means of communicating and promoting the activities of the network and also testing ideas which are generated by the projects

  • to attract additional external funding of £3M within one year of the completion of the project, giving an overall leverage for the project of approximately 5:1

  • to establish a strong external reputation for each of the teams for the work in which they are engaged

  • to leave a legacy to Sheffield Hallam and other universities of working methods which are developed during the project to form a model for the development of other interdisciplinary networks


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