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Awarded projects

Mobile chip technologyUsing mobile technology in tackling maternal obesity

  • Dr Hora Soltani (Centre for Health and Social Care Research; lead applicant)
  • Dr Madelynne Arden (Health Psychologist, Faculty of Development and Society)
  • Dr Sally Atkinson (Communication and Computing Research Centre)
  • Professor Andrew Dearden (Communication and Computing Research Centre)
  • Dr Penny Furness (Nursing and Midwifery)
  • Dr Kerry McSeveny (Communication and Computing Research Centre)
  • Fazilatur Rahman (Art and Design Research Centre)
  • Lindsey Reece (Centre for Sports Engineering Research)

Obesity in pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of maternal and neonatal death. It has a negative impact on women's experiences as well as being a significant burden on the NHS by increasing risk of complications during pregnancy and birth.

Mobile technologies (e.g. text messaging) have been shown to be successful in other areas of health promotion such as diet improvement, smoking cessation and diabetes management. This has not been evaluated in the pregnant population.

This feasibility study is aimed to identify factors that should be considered in designing a platform for bespoke self management mentoring and support to help women with obesity in pregnancy.

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