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Awarded projects

An artificial muscleIntelligent mobile intermittent compression cuff

  • Dr Karen Vernon Parry (Materials and Engineering Research Institute; lead applicant)
  • Lesley Campbell (Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences - fashion)
  • Dr Aseel Hassan (Materials and Engineering Research Institute)
  • Dr Ben Heller (Centre for Sports Engineering Research)
  • Dr Alan Holloway (Materials and Engineering Research Institute)
  • Tony Jones (Art and Design Research Centre)
  • Dr Subodh Sabnis (Materials and Engineering Research Institute)
  • Dr Anna Tsargorodskaya (Materials and Engineering Research Institute)

A proof of concept study for the development of an intelligent intermittent pressure cuff that will be sufficiently light, comfortable and use such little power that it can be worn all day while permitting the user to go about their daily life. The eventual aim is for the cuff to also act as a datalogger, and download the day's data to a centralised healthcare system at the end of the day or on demand.

Multidisciplinary research in the development of new electronic materials, sensors technology, devices research and modern textile solutions is resulting in the rapid evolution of 'intelligent' or 'smart' materials and in stimuli-responsive polymers with potential applications in fields ranging from the biomedical through personal safety and robotics to high fashion. This project will concentrate on two applications in particular: exo-skeletal support during physical therapy and robotics (both as muscle analogue and as 'skin').

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