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Awarded projects

A shuttlecock flying through the airArty Sciency Sporty Art:

  • Dr John Hart (Centre for Sports Engineering Research; lead applicant)
  • Julie Westerman (Art and Design Research Centre; second applicant)

The Arty Sciency Sporty Art (ASSA) initiative is a cross faculty project that uses sport as a gateway into art and a gateway into science for the general public. Capitalising on the very different languages and visualisation used in sports science and arts it is intended that this interdisciplinary project will give a fresh and innovative insight into sports, science, and the arts.

Scientist and artist collaborations have the ability to stimulate new thinking in audiences and provide a new dimension to public engagement. The presence of art in our public space is acknowledged to have a transformative effect in the public's perception of place and space; it provides an interpretation and reflection of events and inspires new readings and insights into the world around us.

Art creates a forum that makes it possible to engage the public in ways not possible by conventional discussion of the science. This project intends to use sport as a gateway into art and science, capitalising on the different languages and visualisation of the different areas.


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