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The research team has produced a series of research papers that are available as PDF downloads. The team has also produced several reports that have been published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF).

Publications can be accessed by clicking the links below.

CRESR Research Papers

Stage 1 - Living through Change in Challenging Neighbourhoods: Stage 1 Report (PDF 577KB)

Research Paper 1- Adjacent Neighbourhood Effects: Case Study Report on Knowsley and Oxgangs, Edinburgh (PDF 154KB)

Research Paper 2 - Residents' Perceptions of Neighbourhood Change and its Impacts (PDF 204KB)

Research Paper 3 - The 'Time-space' Biographies of Daily Life in Deprived Neighbourhoods (PDF 241KB)

Research Paper 4 - Neighbourhood Infrastructure, "Third Places" and Patterns of Social Interaction (PDF 211KB)

Research Paper 5 - Coping Strategies? Agencies, Budgeting and Self Esteem Amongst Low-Income Households (PDF 132KB)

Research Paper 6 - Neighbourhood Social Mix: Contrasting Experiences in Four Challenging Neighbourhoods (PDF 291KB)

Research Paper 7 - Self-Esteem, Comparative Poverty and Neighbourhoods (PDF 288KB)

Research Paper 8 - Understanding Residential Mobility and Immobility in Challenging Neighbourhoods (PDF 373KB)

Research Paper 9 - Family, Friends and Neighbours: Social Relations and Support in Six Low Income Neighbourhoods (PDF 340KB)

Research Paper 10 - Work, Place and Identity: The Salience of Work for Residents in Six Neighbourhoods (PDF 341KB)

Research Paper 11 - Six Neighbourhoods: Contexts, Contrasts and Histories (PDF 7713KB)

Research Paper 12 - Residents’ Stories from Six Challenging Neighbourhoods (PDF 518KB)

Final Research Report - Living through Challenges in Low Income Neighbourhoods: Change, Continuity, Contrast (PDF 1521KB)

JRF Published Reports

Low-income neighbourhoods in Britain: The gap between policy ideas and residents’ realities

Resilience and the recession in six deprived communities: Preparing for worse to come?

Work and worklessness in deprived neighbourhoods: Policy assumptions and personal experiences

Low-income neighbourhoods in Britain: the gap between policy ideas and residents' realities

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