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Short Films

A number of feature length and short films were made as part of the participatory audio-visual research project led by photographer and filmmaker Andrew Robinson.

In Hillside, photography and captioning projects produced a range of visual material that was exhibited at a local neighbourhood event and later combined with audio interviews and additional photographs to create short films. This material captured the contrasting views of both young and retired residents, along with the experiences of community centre manager and the owner of the only remaining shop on the estate.

In Amlwch, a 90 minute film - Fire, Earth and Water - was produced with the involvement of more than 50 local residents. The film detailed the history and character of the town and outlined key local issues and concerns especially those regarding housing and employment. This was shown in the Community Hall and attracted considerable local interest, with over 90 people attending and taking part in a discussion and questionnaire after each showing. The issues raised by the film continued to be discussed on the town’s community website for some time afterwards.

A 50 minute film and related series of short films were also produced with residents from West Kensington. The film - Crossing Paths - focused on the diverse social and cultural mix of the area and highlighted changes in employment, housing and ethnic mix along with fears regarding a proposed redevelopment of the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates. Photography projects in the form of walking tours were also undertaken, where participants talked about places of personal significance and value.

Finally a series of short films were compiled which looked at the contrasting experiences of renewal and regeneration in Oxgangs and Wensley Fold, and the more modest renewal activities in West Marsh.

Material from the Film work is included in the audio-visual research book -What is Happening to our Community - and the touring exhibition -Communities Under Pressure.

A selection of short films from each of the case study neighbourhoods can be accessed using the menu to the left.

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