Application of Big Data for National Security (1st Edition)

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  • Title: Application of Big Data for National Security (1st Edition)
  • Authors: Professor Babak Akhgar, CENTRIC, Sheffield Hallam University; Gregory B. Saathoff, University of Virginia, USA; Hamid Arabnia, University of Georgia, USA; Richard Hill, University College London, UK; Andrew Staniforth, CENTRIC, Sheffield Hallam University; Petra Bayerl, CENTRIC, Netherlands
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • ISBN: 9780128019672
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  • Date of Publication: February 2015

Application of Big Data for National Security provides users with state-of-the-art concepts, methods, and technologies for Big Data analytics in the fight against terrorism and crime, including a wide range of case studies and application scenarios. This book combines expertise from an international team of experts in law enforcement, national security, and law, as well as computer sciences, criminology, linguistics, and psychology, creating a unique cross-disciplinary collection of knowledge and insights into this increasingly global issue.
The strategic frameworks and critical factors presented in Application of Big Data for National Security consider technical, legal, ethical, and societal impacts, but also practical considerations of Big Data system design and deployment, illustrating how data and security concerns intersect. In identifying current and future technical and operational challenges it supports law enforcement and government agencies in their operational, tactical and strategic decisions when employing Big Data for national security.