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Operational Guides

In furtherance of the Privacy by Design approach that is embedded within all CENTRIC technical developments, and in alignment with the core aim of providing support to operational organisations, CENTRIC has produced a GDPR Guide for the Police and Crime Commissioners’ Chief Executives across the UK. This was presented to the Association of Policing and Crime Chief Executives in October 2017.

In recognition of the need to implement changes and engage in preparations to achieve compliance by May 2018, the GDPR Guide sets out requirements and highlights key issues in a reader-friendly, accessible way. This provides an overview and an indication of compliance requirements under the new legislation, as well as a guide to preparations that should be under way. The style and content of the Guide has been developed so that the reader gains an insight to the fundamental requirements, the underlying rationale and the ways in which it might apply to their own situations.

To compliment and expand the usefulness of the Guide, a series of supplementary materials is also offered and is under continual development. These are shorter documents that focus on specific key requirements and provide more detail, and in some cases example tables or task flows, to facilitate fuller understanding of the ways in which compliance can be achieved in various areas.

Due to the fast-moving nature of developments in this area, the latest updates are also offered as an additional resource and to maintain an up to date awareness of current issues and guidance from a wider range of sources.

CENTRIC is currently working on a Policing Guide, which addresses data protection requirements specifically for law enforcement purposes. The Policing Directive will come into force in May 2018 and is designed to complement and align with the GDPR. As a Directive, the legal provisions will be given effect to through Member States’ national laws, however the aims, objectives and overall ‘vision’ of the legislation will remain consistent throughout Europe and will be the yardstick by which the European Courts will measure compliance. Therefore, the guide addresses the key issues and provides information and examples that aim to provide clarity and support for compliance by forces, from SLT level down to individual officer responsibility.

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This Guide is aimed specifically at Police and Crime Commissioners’ Chief Executives and sets out in a concise and accessible way, the main points and key issues of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation, which will be in force from May 2018. Key excerpts of legislation, case studies and practical advice are provided in order …


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The CENTRIC Policing Directive Guide

This Guide will be aimed specifically at operational police forces and presents the objectives, principles and fundamental requirements of the Policing Directive that will be in force from May 2018. While not directly applicable to the UK, the Government has incorporated the requirements into forthcoming data protection legislation, meaning compliance with these fundamental requirements will be …