Unpacked VR

In collaboration with IOM CENTRIC has been working on a project called Unpacked. The project aims to raise awareness of the turmoil that refugees are subjected to. Mohammed Hafez, an artist from Syria, created the artwork for the exhibition that took place in New York. The exhibition displays opened suitcases with models of refugees houses that had been destroyed by war.

CENTRIC worked on recreating one of the suitcases from the exhibition in virtual reality, enabling visitors to be teleported inside one of the suitcases enabling them to have witness the destruction that the war has caused from a first person view. This project was very different to CENTRICs previous VR work, as its focus was more on high detail artwork, instead of game mechanics and training objectives. This crucial in order to create the greatest impact and do Mohammed’s work justice.





More information about Unpacked: Refugee Baggage can be found here.