Unity is a EU Horizon 2020 funded project under the Secure Societies theme of the Fight against Crime and Terrorism on Community Policing in Europe. The vision of Unity is to strengthen the connection between the police and the diverse communities they serve in order to maximise the safety and security of all citizens across Europe.

Unity will deliver its vision through three strategic objectives:

– Capturing best practices for cooperation between police and citizens;

– Developing a communications technology to facilitate, strengthen and accelerate the communication between citizens and police;

– Designing, developing and delivering training for Law Enforcement Agencies and awareness raising activities about Community Policing.

Unity is coordinated by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire and involves 14 partners from 10 European Countries. Unity will develop a new Community Policing model, shared framework of governance, and enabling tools and technology to support closer cooperation for greater, more effective, efficient and inclusive Community Policing. Unity will run pilot demonstrations in 6 European Countries (Croatia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Estonia and UK) to test the effectiveness of the Unity model, its implementation in technological tools and its contribution to the enhancement of Community Policing.