TENSOR (Retrieval and Analysis of Heterogeneous Online Content for Terrorist Activity Recognition) is a H2020 funded project that began on the 1st September, 2016. The project aims to provide a powerful terrorism intelligence platform offering LEAs fast, reliable planning and prevention functionalities for the early detection of terrorist activities including radicalisation and recruitment. This will assist LEAs in the challenges that they face in identifying, gathering and interpreting online-based terrorist generated content.

TENSOR will consider both the surface and dark web and develop appropriate tools to facilitate the searching, crawling, monitoring and gathering of this content. The TENSOR platform will extract text and multimedia and provide categorisation, filtering, analysis summarisation and visualisation functionalities supported by robust, automated audit trails that encompass privacy by design and data protection principles.

Ultimately, the TENSOR platform will bring significant advantages to LEAs’ operational capabilities in identifying terrorist generated content and activities.