Geometric Modeling and Pattern Recognition

The Geometric Modelling and Pattern Recognition (GMPR) Research Group pursues original and exciting research in geometric modelling and pattern recognition with a major focus on:

  • fast 3D reconstruction from a single 2D shot using line projection;
  • 3D animation from video sequences;
  • parameterisation of surfaces;
  • image registration.

GMPR have developed and patented unique technologies for fast 3D surface scanning with a single, instantaneous shot. The technologies of GMPR support a range of applications such as multimedia graphics and animation, geometrical descriptions of 3D modeling software, verification of shape geometry in industrial processes, reverse engineering, medical prosthetics and rehabilitation, archaeology and archiving plus much more. GMPR is funded by the European Commission to apply the GMPR 3D technologies to robotic welding tasks (Research for the Benefit of SMEs-Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) with partners across Europe including the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, and Hungary. To learn more about the research and innovation of GMPR please visit: