Constantly growing amounts of data and an emerging trend of incorporating unstructured data into analytics is bringing new challenges to Business Intelligence (BI). Contemporary BI solutions fall short in the following aspects: First, they focus only on structured data and disregard the increasing amount of information hidden in unstructured data. Secondly, BI users dealing with increasingly complex analyses, but the complexity of BI tools becomes the biggest barrier to their success. Recognising these challenges, CUBIST, a European Commission grant funded research project, is a visionary approach that leverages BI to a new level of precise, meaningful and user-friendly analytics of data. CUBIST copes with the aforementioned challenges by following a best-of-breed approach that combines essential features of Semantic Technologies, BI and Visual Analytics. CUBIST aims to;

“¢ support federation of data from unstructured and structured sources,
“¢ persist the federated data in a semantic Data Warehouse; a hybrid approach based on a BI enabled triple store,
“¢ and provide novel ways of applying visual analytics in which meaningful diagrammatic representations of the data will be used for depicting the data, navigating through the data and for visually querying the data.

The ground breaking work of project CUBIST in the BI field has direct benefits to tackle the increasing challenge of “big data” in the security domain.