ATLAS Simulator

ATLAS (Advanced Training Learning and Scenario Simulator) is a proprietary modular serious games development system for virtual reality simulations developed by CENTRIC. Atlas provides a platform for rapid scenario based serious games development. Scenarios are tailor made to suit the needs the end users to enable them to achieve their learning outcomes. The scenario based learning helps to train situational awareness, analytical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. This platform makes use of techniques used to minimise motion sickness that some people can be prone to when using virtual reality.

In collaboration with IOM, CENTRIC has produced ATLAS IOM a virtual reality training platform which aims to help prepare the IOM staff for dealing with emergency situations. A scenario was built for the platform based around a siege attack on a convoy in Sudan. The trainees are expected to assess the situation and respond in an appropriate way, they must evacuate the car and find a safe place to take cover. ATLAS is used in class rooms, students will watch their peers actions within the simulation this will then act as a platform for discussion.

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