Steve Lofthouse – SAP Visionary Award

Small_LofthouseSteve Lofthouse was recently awarded the SAP Visionary Award by SAP, ‘…in appreciation of his exceptional dedication, professionalism, innovation and engagement.’

Steve was also given the award/role of SAP Mentor by SAP, who describes their mentors as ‘..the most influential community participants in the SAP ecosystem. As part of a super smart and engaged global cohort of nearly 110 bloggers, consultants, and technical wizards nominated by SAP Community Network peers and selected by SAP. All SAP Mentors are hands-on experts of an SAP product or service, as well as true project champions. The majority of SAP Mentors work for customers or partners of SAP.’

Steve has recently brought a number of SAP projects into CENTRIC including a project to utilise SAP’s HANA predictive analytics technology, together with social media to perform real time sentiment analysis in response to terrorist incidents. CENTRIC will also be working with SAP to develop an IPad app to present the results of real time intelligence analysis to law enforcement and intelligence officers.