New Book Chapter

Andrew Staniforth, Detective Inspector and Senior Research Fellow at CENTRIC, has co-authored a chapter with Clive Walker, Professor of Criminal Justice Studies at the School of Law, University of Leeds and special adviser to the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, as part of a new ground breaking edited collection ‘Counter-Terrorism, Human Rights and the Rule of Law – Crossing Legal Boundaries in Defense of the State’. Published by Edward Elgar Publishing, this new volume provides a deep and thoughtful exploration of counter-terrorism written by leading commentators from around the globe. The book poses critical questions about the definition of terrorism, the role of human rights and the push by many governments for more security powers. It carefully examines the boundaries between crime and thought, crime and war, the domestic and the international and the legal and the illegal-boundaries that were once seen as inviolate, but which have become blurred during the last turbulent decade. The chapter provided by Andrew and Clive marks a five year collaboration concerning anti-terror legislation between police and academia, based upon a joint seminar paper presented at the prestigious Max Planc Institute during 2010 concerning the amplification and melding of UK counter terrorism apparatus since 9/11. The chapter has been revised and updated to include the new counter-terrorism structures in place to tackle contemporary terrorism. To view the new book, edited by Aniceto Masferrer, University of Valencia, Spain and Clive Walker, University of Leeds, please follow the link to: