Final UINFC2 Workshop – ATHENS

CENTRIC representatives attended the final platform demonstration & dissemination workshop of its UINFC2 on the 20th of September in Athens, Greece.


The major objective of UINFC2 was to design and develop an interoperable software platform, to enable communication of information, seamlessly and securely, with existing reporting systems, aiming to:

  • build and strengthen the capabilities of stakeholders to strategically combat cybercrime and online child sexual exploitation.
  • assist the automatic detection of online illegal data from social media, blogs, communities etc. using innovative techniques and to facilitate the formal exchange of the produced information.
  • produce strategic reports on cybercrime and online child sexual exploitation trends and emerging threats.


During the aforementioned event, the final version of the UINFC2 platform was presented to workshop participants where they were provided with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the system. Additionally, major findings and conclusions of the project were presented to all relevant stakeholders to promote cooperation and coordination between interested parties.

The event also included participants and presenters from organisations such as Europol/EC3, EU Member States Law Enforcement Agents, National Hotlines and National Cybercrime Centres.

UINFC2 Meeting - Athens


UINFC2 Project is Co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union.


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