Data Protection Practitioners’ Conference 2018

On 9th April, the ICO held a data protection conference in Manchester. The full agenda and a recording of the auditorium sessions can be seen via this link to the ICO web page:

Some of the key outputs of the conference include:

  • Recognition that because of the culture shift involved in adapting to the GDPR requirements, time is needed to achieve the highest level of compliance. The ICO understands this and will initially focus on support and awareness-raising rather than punitive fines.
  • Be careful when using consent; it is not always the best or most appropriate legal foundation.
  • Consider the most effective way of presenting information to data subjects.
  • Ensure that reviews and assessments of data handling activities are recorded in the appropriate way to achieve accountability and transparency.

The discussions and advice from the conference will be incorporated into the ‘Focus On’ guides; these will be available on this website from 18th April 2018.