CENTRIC and SAS collaborate to provide data analytics on Project Athena

SAS have released a number of articles detailing how SAS and CENTRIC collaborated during the Athena project to improve disaster response. SAS spoke with Professor Babak Akhgar, director of CENTRIC, and Professor Simon Andrews as well as Athena Project Manager Jessica Gibson (West Yorkshire for Innovation) .

 Charles Senabulya, Vice President for SAS UK & Ireland, said about the project:

 “To protect citizens, emergency services must act quickly and accurately assess new threats to deliver a rapid, co-ordinated and effective response. ATHENA uses intelligence on the ground combined with analytics to deepen insight into ongoing incidents, supporting emergency services in delivering a faster, more streamlined response and creating closer collaboration with the citizens they work to protect. From simulated earthquakes in Turkey to hypothetical mudslides in Slovenia, the prototype ATHENA solution continues to show great promise.”

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