Servicing Utopia

Welcome to the Servicing Utopia

Servicing Utopia is a digital Toilet Toolkit designed to support planners, architects and designers to critically and creatively rethink notions of access in relation to the toilet design process.

We have developed this digital toolkit in response to the stories of many people for whom accessing a safe and comfortable toilet space is a continual challenge.

Participants recorded how everyday journeys are often planned around the un/availability of a suitable toilet. They spoke of not leaving the house, not drinking and losing jobs due to a lack of toilet access for a number of distinct reasons. There is, in its most literal sense, 'no place' for them to go (and hence, sometimes, they go 'nowhere'). For many, 'a good place' to use the toilet does not yet exist, or at least not in sufficient numbers.

The toolkit aims to communicate these stories and experiences in order to allow architects and designers to understand their importance, and creatively respond to the challenges raised.

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