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Higher Education Facilities Management Network

Forward-looking institutions are aware of the relevance - to students and staff - of the physical learning and working environment and related customer services, and constantly strive to enhance then. This is why this network was set up - a research and application network is essentially a 'learning club', enabling learning and the sharing of information amongst members. Our Higher Education Network is aimed at those facilities managers and their colleagues in the sector who are pioneers of change, enabling them to exchange innovations and experience.

The membership of the network openly share knowledge and participate in joint workshops and projects to promote the best practices of facilities management (FM) in their organisations. Whilst activities are co-ordinated and resourced by and through the Centre, one of the benefits of the network is the opportunity that it gives the members to develop and set the network's programme and its content, in discussion with like-minded colleagues.

The annual programme of activities includes four workshops, an annual conference and a research project. The topics for the workshops are chosen by the network members. Information is pulled together through case studies, governmental speakers, private sector case studies, contractors and academic perspectives. The approaches to research include benchmarking, interviews, surveys and case studies, all with direct relevance to FM practice.

The main decision-making body with respect to all aspects of the network's activities is the network steering group, made up of Centre key personnel and at least five senior representatives from member organisations.

Although the workshops are normally open to members only, visits can be arranged for enquirers subject to availability and the steering group's consent.

Being entirely self-funded through the annual membership fees of participating institutions, the network is independent of funding bodies' or commercial sponsors' interests in all its activities.

Forum members receive other benefits that include

  • support by a fax helpline, allowing members access to staff and information services of the Centre and to other parts of the university
  • sharing in the benefits from past and current research in all the Centre's research networks
  • collaborating in networking on common FM issues, within and across sectors
  • benefiting, where appropriate, from the Centre's knowledge from research projects commissioned by commercial clients
  • web-based discussion board
  • reductions in the tuition fees on programmes of education from the Centre may be available

As the membership has widened, especially within institutions, bringing together facilities managers from a range of different backgrounds and specialisms, we aim to address generic issues as well as topics of specific interest, without infringing upon 'specialist territory' covered by other organisations (e.g. AUA, AUDE, CUBO etc.). Instead, we seek to encourage 'cross-fertilisation' and shared learning through members' involvement in different groups. Most importantly, we always take a strategic angle, reconciling departmental or divisional involvement with a 'whole-institution' focus.

You can download the membership information leaflet here.

If you are interested in attending a 'taster session' or becoming a member, please email or contact Fides Matzdorf on 0114 225 3892