GeoGebra is free (open-source) software that can be used for mathematics teaching and learning.  This program is suitable for all levels of practice in algebra, geometry, statistics and calculus: It runs on Windows, Linux and Macintosh.  The author of the program is Markus Hohenwarter.

The GeoGebra institute of Sheffield (GIS) was established to help promote the integration of ICT in mathematics teaching.

Objectives of the GIS

  1. Training and Support
    To coordinate and provide professional development opportunities, CPD and support for In Service teachers, trainee teachers and students.
  2. Development and Participation
    Develop and share resources and materials for the classroom and to improve and extend the uses of GeoGebra in the teaching of mathematics at all levels and to contribute to the internationally shared database of materials.  To participate in national and international events on using GeoGebra.
  3. Research and Collaboration
    To support research and related activities with GeoGebra in the teaching of mathematics to in all types of schools and to promote collaboration between the IGI, GeoGebra Institutes locally and internationally.