a one day conference about the use of audio feedback in higher education

A Word in Your Ear 2009 - Audio Feedback

Case Studies in Audio Format

Audio feedback is about valuing our voices and A Word In Your Ear wants to ensure that, as an emerging audio learning community, we model how audio can be used. You are invited to submit an audio file in MP3 format, lasting in the region of 3 to 5 minutes on the development and use of audio feedback from your perspective, whether that is as an academic, student, learning technologist, educational developer, and so forth.

These will be made available here and also as a podcast feed for those that prefer to subscribe. The feed will be set up soon.

What does an audio case study sound like?

Well, that's up to you! But here are some things you might include:

You might find it easier, and possibly more engaging for the listener, to produce the case study as a structured conversation with a colleague or friend.

Provide a quick indication at the beginning of the recording of what you will cover.

If you are excited by what can be done with audio, please attempt to convey this!


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