Using games to enhance health and wellbeing – Industrial Design MA and PhD; Rémi Bec

Rémi Bec Profile

Rémi’s main interest in design is the ability to identify a problem and respond to it by expressing a position, which somehow reflects the designers own life. Through this process, designers offer a new language and vision for people to interact with. Whatever the design discipline is, this language and vision comes from disciplinary specific methodologies that the designer follows and the designers own internal creativity. For Rémi, this means that there are no boundaries between the different disciplines that exist under the title of ‘designer’ such as interior designer, product designer, graphic designer…

After graduating from French A level in Economics and Science, Rémi did a year of model making and after that, studied an equivalent of a Bachelor in ‘Space Design’, which combines the disciplines of Interior Design, Urban Design and Scenography. Rémi then studied a BA in Product Design at Sheffield Hallam University followed by an MA in Industrial Design.

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