Team 3 – Rollator

Team 3 - Rollator

The Need:

Globally there are many who live with a chronic health condition that has a great impact on their mobility. Post Polio, and people living with Cerebral Palsy have a great need for an appropriate piece of assistive technology to enable them to walk in ‘real life’ situations, where perfectly flat terrain and dry conditions are not always present. Crucially, when the global population who might require such a piece of assistive technology is sampled, there is a vital requirement for low-cost, easily disseminated, and simple designs.

The aim of this brief is to develop a low-cost, open-source rollator for use across a multiture of terrains and in a broad range of contexts. The clinical need for the rollator is crucial, as the perwon using the rollator should be able to conduct their life unhindered. However, the innovative design of the rollator should also be easy to document and disseminate.


The resources for the team include a range of materials to facilitate drawing, and making of prototypes. This includes foam board, timber, an existing open-source rollator and the space to prototype and test safely.

Team 3 - Design process

Team 3 - Rollator process

The Process:

The team was led through a mini ‘design framework’, ensuring that the project was thorough in it’s scope and work. The work was collaborative, and the design decisions were taken knowing and understanding the situation that the rollator would be used in. The Engineer who has extensive experience in the development of frugal assistive technology, Andrew Morgan, was instrumental in enabling the designers to get a feel for the situation, users, and systems that the rollator concept would have to fit in to.

Rollator Output

The Output:

Not only was a concept for a rollator tabled by the group, but also a service by which a person might be fitted for a customised rollator, since the underlying technology and design by the team is not protected by oppressive intellectual property protection.

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