SMART rehabilitation

SMART reabilitation wireless motion tracking unit
The SMART project, entitled ‘SMART rehabilitation: technological applications for use in the home with stroke patients’, is funded under the EQUAL (extend quality of life) initiative of the UK Engineering and
Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The project aims to examine the scope, effectiveness and appropriateness of systems to support home-based rehabilitation for older people and their carers

This is a joint project with partners from Sheffield Hallam University, University of Bath, University of Essex, University of Ulster and the Stroke Association. The aim of the project is to explore how technology might be used to facilitate active in-home rehabilitation for people following stroke.

Users, carers and clinical stroke therapists were an integral part of the project from an initial scoping of need through to the testing new iterations of the SMART system as it developed.

SMART rehabilitation technology in demonstration

For our research orientation sensors are attached to the wrist and upper arm using clothing resembling sports wear. When the user undertakes arm movements prescribed by a trained therapist, the sensors are able to track this movement. The movement made by the user is then recorded and displayed on a computer or TV screen. The contents of the decision support interface have been tailored so that the user is able to receive meaningful feedback about their progress. The therapists who have prescribed the rehabilitative interventions are also able to obtain feedback about the user’s progress at another location such as a hospital or primary care setting.

Project updates

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