Photography in Care Homes

Researcher: Dr. Claire Craig

Globally, the population is ageing; the fastest growing demographic is people aged 85 and over. These individuals represent a significant proportion of the population of older people who live in care homes.

If designers are to create environments that support the wellbeing and needs of individuals, it is important to understand the life world of older people living in these environments. This requires designers to develop methods that can help overcome some of the sensory and cognitive challenges that older people may face.

This research used the medium of photography to elicit the experiences of older people living in care homes. Participants were provided with cameras and invited to take photographs that reflected something of their experiences of living in the home. These formed the basis of interviews.

Analysis showed that life in a care home was one of constant transition and negotiation as individuals sought to make sense of their new environment. A number of key findings relating to how the design of these environments contributes to quality of life was made.

This project was funded through:

ROMPA quality of life award

College of Occupational Therapists

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