Current projects

In this section of the website we have included descriptions of some of our projects to offer a flavour of what we do and the breadth of the work we are involved in.


Breast cancer affects a substantial proportion of the population and state-of-the-art radiotherapy approaches require increasing precision accuracy to avoid long-term side effects…

The Power of Sheffield Journeys

Dementia has been identified by the World Health Organisation as one of the major causes of disability worldwide, impacting both on the person and their caregivers and families…

Photography in Care Homes

Globally, the population is ageing; the fastest growing demographic is people aged 85 and over…

Pain talking

Explaining and quantifying the experience of living with chronic pain presents a particularly challenging task for children and young people…

Non-invasive ventilation

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is the delivery of breathing support via a face-mask. It is used to treat individuals whose breathing is compromised. Evidence shows that…

NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship

£8 billion per year is spent on health-related research; there is a responsibility to demonstrate a return on investment…

Insights into telehealth and care technologies (InTaCT)

An ageing population, pressure on resources and changing expectations are driving demand for innovative solutions…

Home health monitoring: EyKos HealthHub

Finding ways to help individuals to take an active role in managing their long-term health conditions has been a key element of health policy in the UK…

Head Up

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a rapidly progressive neurodegenerative disease. Individuals with the condition often develop weak neck muscles, leading to pain, restricted movement and problems with swallowing and communication…

Grip strength and dexterity

Cheese, biscuits, milk, jam, juices, cereals and condiments are typical items served in single portion packaging in hospitals around the world…

Exhibition in a box

‘Exhibition in a box’ explored the experiences of older people across Europe to develop understanding of how design can support independence and wellbeing in later life…


engagingaging is a transnational programme of research that seeks to understand the needs, preferences and aspirations of older people…

Better out-patient services for older people

Missed appointments are a significant issue for the UK National Health Service. Not only can this compromise treatment for individuals but it also carries a significant financial cost…

Development of design and production system for carbon fibre ankle foot orthoses

Dynamic manufacturing provides a way to be responsive to the demands of the market and can help to create and accelerate production development…

Knowledge Mobilisation

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’…Albert Einstein

‘State of the art’ of Design in Health

An AHRC funded project, this study maps the current landscape of design theory and practice in healthcare…

War and Medicine

In this section of the website we have included descriptions of some of our projects to offer a flavour of what we do and the breadth of the work we are involved in.

Art, Simulation and Surgical Humanities

This project allowed a group of innovative artists, musicians, social scientists and surgeons to explore the creative potential around surgical simulation as an artistic medium.

Chlamydia testing awareness

Helping a Psychology PhD student design awareness material for Chlamydia testing amongst teenagers…

Mobile infusion pump

This infusion pump is a small hand held device, aiming to giving patients mobility, confidence and independence…

Wearable medical monitoring

‘Walkinsense’; a wearable system providing quantitative and qualitative data of a user’s dynamic plantar pressure and gait for accurate assessment of people with diabetic foot disorders…

Spinal Injury Design Workshops

Teaching design to people with spinal cord injuries as a route to independence, resourcefulness and greater control over their lives.

Promoting social change by design

Developing strategies to promote active ageing in the workplace…

User-Centred Healthcare Design (UCHD)

Working with patients to improve healthcare service design and delivery….

packaging openability project thumb nail link

Packaging openability

The issue of packaging accessibility, particularly with regards to older people, is an area of increasing concern…

portraint of Len, care home resident in the Landscapes project, thumb nail link

Where art meets technology

Find out how Peter Wright and his team are using the arts and technology to form meeting places between different generations in care home settings.

tactile map project thumb nail link

Tactile map

Lab4Living leads the way in latest navigation aid for people with visual impairment. Click on this link to find out more about this design innovation.

Tactile medical connectors thumb nail link

Shape of things to come

This project has been included to demonstrate how research undertaken by members of Lab4Living has impacted directly on the design of equipment in hospitals and on patient safety

Everysense project thumb nail link


Click on the link to find out how Lab4Living research is transforming the environments of people with special needs including including autism and dementia.

SMART rehabilitation technology thumb nail link

SMART rehabilitation

This collaborative project with the Universities of Bath, Essex and Ulster, and the Stroke Association, aims to explore how technology can facilitate active, in-home rehabilitation for people following stroke.

living rooms project thumb nail link

Living rooms 1 and 2

The project builds on our work ‘Living Rooms’, a research programme funded by SPARC through which we investigated how design can support independence and wellbeing at home in later life.

thumb nail of a bath duck

Future Bathroom

Increasingly the bathroom is being utilised as a space for relaxation and enjoyment. It is therefore unfortunate that for older people it is often the room where accidents are most likely to occur.

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