Hogeschool Zuyd, Heerlen

Claire Craig with continental colleagues at Zuyd University (Netherlands)

As a Lab4Living team we are keen to not only develop strong research partnerships around design but to also make links with other institutions to look at ways of educating and developing the health and social care practitioners and designers of the future.

Hogeschool Zuyd has been at the centre of a number of advances in the use of technology in the education of students in occupational therapy. This has led to an exciting partnership between the school and staff within the Lab.

Building on a number of interesting developments using digital media in education this work has led to a successful grant application EEE4 all focusing on ways of supporting individuals farthest removed from the workplace access employment. Developments occuring in Lab4Living have already informed ideas in relation to how design might promote active ageing in the workplace. Other partners in this work include Amsterdam, Berlin and Sweden (shown above).

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