Measurement and data collection

State of the art resources

Lab4Living has state of the art technology at its fingertips to facilitate data collection as we seek to understand individual’s interactions within a range of different environments. Here are just a few examples of the resources you might expect to see:

High speed camera

Brand image of high speed camera in lab with interested people

This resource offers researchers the opportunity to capture and review visual data in order to better understand human movement and the behaviour of materials in given scenarios.

The camera is of an extremely high specification and is able to shoot up to 60,000fps in full colour which means that it is well placed to cope with the full range of human movements and some fast fracture scenarios in dense materials.

This resource allows very precise breakdown of the way in which something moves. In sports applications it is commonly used to scrutinise sporting actions and correct techniques such as bowling or jumping. In packaging application it can be used to monitor the way in which people handle and open packaging or the way in which a package might fail during drop testing, vibration loading or pressure testing.

Motion capture system

Image of motion capture output of man walking across the lab

Sheffield Hallam University has recently invested in a motion capture system supplied by Motion Analysis Corporation. This tool can be used, on a gross scale, to capture and record a full body analysis of a person’s interaction with their surrounding environment or on a micro manipulation scale, of a persons hands interacting with a product such as a jam jar.

Information can be recorded using standard video cameras, high speed video cameras or force/torque measuring instruments, offering the researcher valuable information regarding the physical actions required to undertake a task including joint range of motion, dwell time and the forces acting on a person’s limbs.

By recording a a persons movement within a larger environment we are able to access data that informs product design.

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