Obs and handover

Data Transfer is a crucial part of any medical environment, our project aims to aid the accuracy and speed in which patient observations are transferred between clinical staff in Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

We intended to transfer the original Observations and SHEWS chart from being entirely paper based to a digital format. Our intention was to increase readability of the Observations & SHEWS chart to reduce human error and enable swifter data transfer between clinical staff.

The initial page shows where clinical staff would use their personal details to log on. After signing in, this then leads to the CSE, an area which links each part of the application, aiding the ease of use and enables staff to access a specific section at the tap of a finger.

The system is based on the use of instinctive colours which give staff visual cues as to how the patients health is looking. Features include; a fully scrollable graph, to show a patients’ previous results and a ‘tap and type’ system where staff can record data. The risk chart also gives the ability for staff to view subjective data, while using the toggle axis button allows for more objective data.

Patient Parameters can be set on the final page, meaning specific criteria can be taken into consideration when revising a patients well-being. Alerts coincide with these changes, depending on the patients’ physical state when being referred.

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