Lab4Living host Simon Denegri on behalf of CLAHRC SY

On the 18th December 2013, Lab4Living hosted a session chaired by Prof Sue Mawson (Director of CLAHRC SY) for special guest Simon Denegri. Simon is Chair of INVOLVE and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) National Director for Public Participation and Engagement in Research. The session gave Lab4Living a platform to showcase some of the novel ways in which design research engages with patients, public and industry.

The purpose of the session was twofold:

  • To explore how human centred design can respond to the drivers for patient and public involvement in the health and wealth agenda, with a focus on the medical technologies industry
  • To explore the unique range of models in design theory and practice, which engages patients and the public in co-production and enables them to be involved at different stages of research and development

The video below gives a summary of the visit.

Simon Denegri visit 18th Dec 2013 from CLAHRC SY Core Team on Vimeo.

Patient involvement in the wealth creation agenda.

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