Industrial design, MA – redesigning the SMART garments


This was the main project from Matt’s MA work, forming part of the ongoing SMART project.

The SMART prototype works using three sensors worn on the user’s body- one for the upper arm, one for the wrist and a third for the chest. These are held in place with three garments, that look a little like sports wear. One of the outcomes from the evaluation of the testing of the SMART prototype was that the participants had difficulty in putting the garments on, and taking them off, which meant that the users became flustered and frustrated. Also, the users could not put all three garments on by themselves, and they required help from a carer. This led to the situation where it took longer to put the garments on and adjust them that for the exercise program to be completed.


Over the course of the MA program, Matt set about redesigning the garments by consulting stroke survivors and Healthcare Professionals. The project also meant applying for proper ethics approval and employing rigorous research techniques to produce a justifiable concept, which could be shown to work well. Matt is currently in negotiations with a partner company of SMART to take the concepts further.

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