Poised – Industrial Design MA; Lewis Green

Poised dinner tray

The brief that Lewis set himself was to develop an aid for people with disabilities that may manifest in balance or postural impairments.

His initial focus was on meal times based on the principal that this is both nutritionally a vital part of managing any illness but also because the act of eating and enjoying mealtimes is an important part human culture that sets us apart from animals and raises our lives from survival and life support to pleasure and leisure. When eating descends to a purely functional activity, our lives are somehow less than they should be.

meal tray with level indicator

Lewis’ final designs were based on a meal tray that would enable anybody to carry and eat their meal safely in any situation such as eating at a table or on your lap. The key element of his design was level indicators that gave visual (lights) and audio (beeps) hints when the tray was tilted too far to the left, right away from the person or towards the person carrying the tray.

meal tray additional features

Additional features included a high contrast layout so edges of plates can be easily seen, microwaveable (and dishwasher proof) plates to help elderly users with heating delivered meals, lids to insulate food keeping meals hot or cold for longer, non-slip areas for cutlery and drinking glass or cup, a sealed base unit allowing the tray to be cleaned and wiped in the sink and an optional, washable cushion with magnetic attachments for steadying the tray on your lap.

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