Gener-G – Industrial design MA

Gener-G logo

This project is a piece of work from Rémi’s Industrial Design MA at Sheffield Hallam University.

The aim was to implicitly fight against obesity be encouraging people to exercise physically with friendly competition as a community, creating more interactions between family members. The two main aspects of the work are addressing the need for increasing ‘quality family time’ and the need to educate and encourage the sustainability of the human body through a healthy life style.

Gener-G game board

The first aspect is addressed by encouraging people to discuss, negotiate and communication via the game. The second aspect was addressed by taking an innovative approach based upon electronic technology that ‘harnessed’ the energy generated by each individuals movement in their daily activity to be used afterwards as a ‘currency’ while playing the game. The outcome… Gener-G.

Gener-G game being played by the family at the kitchen table

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