Home health monitoring: EyKos HealthHub

Research/Development lead: Mark Phillips

Finding ways to help individuals to take an active role in managing their long-term health conditions has been a key element of health policy in the UK. Technologies to support this self-management approach are being developed with increasing frequency.

This development project sought to create a product design concept for a home health monitoring system known as the EyKos Health Hub to enable individuals to manage their personal health at home.

Drawing on over five years of research undertaken by Chamberlain and Craig (2015), Design Futures worked collaboratively with Aseptika to carry out concept and interaction design for the EyKos System.

Interactions were devised to be as inclusive as possible for a wide range of users, including older people. Rather than using small buttons often found on digital products, the team adopted more physical ‘analogue-type’ controls using natural mappings that draw on a user’s semantic memory. The controls exploit distinctive, intuitive and memorable actions that help to embed procedural knowledge.

This work was funded by Aseptika and underpinning research was funded through the National Institute of Health Research (Insights into Telehealth and Care Technologies).

Project updates

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