Exploring the role of design thinking as a self- management tool for children

Rebecca has been awarded a GTA PhD scholarship, running Oct 2014-2018.

Rebecca’s research is an exploration of design practice in a healthcare context, specifically the role of applied design thinking as a self-management tool for children with long-term conditions and physical disabilities.

To date, ‘design thinking’ strategies have been developed for use in education, businesses and schools, but the exploration of the role of design thinking in healthcare is, by comparison in its infancy.  Becca’s research is informed by and builds upon her involvement and findings in a series of projects that explored what design thinking might be as part of rehabilitation for patients following a spinal cord injury.

This practice-led study will use applied design practice and thinking in collaboration with children and their families and engage in human centred, participatory design methods, to inform and develop design thinking practices and strategies. The creative production of artefacts and design thinking interventions will be the driver for generating new knowledge. With the intention to add new knowledge and practice around the role and application of designerly methods of thinking and ‘human centred design’ in the health care of children and the managing of long-term conditions.

Project updates

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