Exhibition in a box

Researchers: Professor Paul Chamberlain & Dr. Claire Craig

‘Exhibition in a box’ explored the experiences of older people across Europe to develop understanding of how design can support independence and wellbeing in later life.

Extending methods developed within a previous study, engagingaging, the principles of the traditional exhibition were distilled into a format that was more flexible, accessible and inclusive. ‘Exhibition in a box’ (Chamberlain & Craig 2013) took the essence of the exhibition into a suitcase, á la Duchamp that could be transported to diverse environs including the home.

The boxes comprised of everyday objects, photographs and textual material defined through the user-workshops undertaken in conjunction with the earlier large-scale exhibitions in ‘engagingaging’. The objects were carefully selected to code, represent and prompt further discussion on themes that had emerged from earlier research.

The method embodied within ‘exhibition in a box’ has been tested with participants across the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

This project was in collaboration with:

ZHAW Institute, Department of Occupational Therapy, Switzerland.

With funding support from

The Higher Education Academy

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