Researchers: Professor Paul Chamberlain, Dr. Claire Craig

engagingaging is a transnational programme of research that seeks to understand the needs, preferences and aspirations of older people in order to inform the design of products and systems to support independence and wellbeing in later life.

The starting point of the research, funded by the British Council, was a comparison of the experiences of older people living in the United Kingdom and Taiwan.

Older people engaged in a programme of workshops integrated within an exhibition to elicit a better understanding of user needs which, in turn, informed design activity. The research explored the role of the exhibition as a ‘theatre for conversation’ and its role and format as a research tool as well as a means of dissemination.

Within the exhibition a collection of furniture entitled ‘Stigmas’ embodied issues relating to the physical, cognitive and attitudinal challenges older people face in everyday life. The critical artefacts did not present solutions but posed a series of considered questions that illuminated the landscape of old age.

This project was in collaboration with:

Chang Gung University Taiwan

University of the Third Age

And funded by:

The British Council

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