Dream Box

Dream box

Welcome to our ‘Dream Box’ gallery. There will eventually be two sections to this; contributions from our UK participants and contributions from our Taiwanese participants. The images you will find under these two sections are the result of an exciting collaboration between researchers at Sheffield Hallam University (UK) and Chang Gung University (Taiwan). They are part of a bigger piece of work exploring the experiences of ageing in different parts of the world.

This footage is from the initial ‘Dream Space’ workshop at the Engagingaging exhibition in Taipei where Claire Craig worked with Taiwanese participants to find out what delights and what people detest and what people dream of being able to do.

This element of the project invites people in Taiwan and the United Kingdom who attend our workshops to select between four to six objects that are important to them or that reflect something about who they are, to photograph these and send their pictures to us to form part of a gallery.

In viewing these galleries of images we hope that you will begin to glimpse something of the relationship between objects and identity and in doing so to begin to understand more about how the experiences of people in Taiwan are similar or different to those of people living in the United Kingdom.

Contributions from the UK

On this page you will find contributions to our Dream Box gallery from our UK participants…

Contributions from Taiwan

Contributions from our Taiwanese partners.............. 在這個網頁,您將可以在我們的夢想寶盒藝廊裡,發現台灣參與者所創作的成果。
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