Self Retaining Anal Speculum – Industrial Design MA

Anal retractor

This project is the work of an Industrial Design MA supervised by Paul Chamberlain.

Surgical procedures today often rely on intelligently designed technical equipment. Usability is of increasing importance and consideration when hospitals purchase new equipment. In anorectal surgery, self retention of the anal retractor was identified as being of significant operational importance, which could save time and labour, with additional considerations for safety and reliability.

Current retractors generally work well but do not meet all the requirements of a surgeon. Surgeons and medical assistants face a problem maintaining position as well as making rotating movements on current retractors. With this background in mind, this Masters project focused on design and usability considerations of this type of medical instrument.

Schematic diagram of anal retractor application process

Self Retaining Anal Speculum (SRAS) have an elongate retractor, an annular retaining collar, a skirt and an actuator configured to operate the retaining collar between an engaged/disengaged positions. The speculum is designed to be self retaining once insert into a human cavity by means of radial extension of the retaining collar and abutment with the internal walls of the body cavity. The aim and objective of this project is to design a new anal retractor for anorectal surgery that has an ability of self retaining and would be free to rotate once inserted. This would give clinical, ecological and economic advantages.

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