Communicating with Patients

A new communication system for patient facing materials including a customised patient information pack about bone related conditions and a new appointment letter. The system addresses issues around patient understanding of their condition and to improve appointment attendance rates at the Metabolic Bone Centre.

The existing, text-heavy leaflets, distributed to patients, is overcomplicated and confusing. The new design offers a way to avoid contradictory, or repeated information. Immersive research was carried out to emulate the experiences of a patient admitted to the Metabolic Bone Centre and find areas to address.

Initial, crucial information, is now contained within the information pack. A key has been introduced for simpler navigation. Each section within the pack has been assigned a colour, to locate information with increased speed.

Using eye-tracking facilities to test existing information given to patients. Recordings were made of the movement of peoples’ eyes around existing material, to measure the ease with which those tested could gather the most vital information. Most notably, the tracked results influenced the hierarchy in which information was given to patients, and producing a more navigable piece of communicative design. With a structure in place, newly designed appointment cards, business cards and letters accompany the information pack.

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